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The paperback edition of David’s 19th novel, ‘The Fall and Rise of Gordon Coppinger’, will be published on April 25th 2013 (Harper £8 99).

When David was first asked to describe his new novel, he commented that ‘Reggie Perrin was the story of a man whom the world slowly drove mad. Gordon Coppinger is the story of a man whom the world slowly drives sane.’

Sir Gordon Coppinger, knighted for services to business and to charity, owns a tower block in Canary Wharf, a championship football club, an art gallery and a huge charity empire.

He believes that he is so popular and so generous that he cannot be touched.

But this is 2012, and he is wrong. As his world begins to fall around his ears, the press turn against him, and his secrets and sins come tumbling out of the woodwork.

The effect of all this on Sir Gordon is extremely surprising.




Also reissued recently in paperback are ‘A Bit Of A Do’ and ‘Fair Do’s’, the two novels which formed the basis of David’s popular ITV series, ‘A Bit Of A Do’, starring David Jason, Gwen Taylor and Nicola Pagett.

People often ask David why the series has not been repeated for almost thirty years. He has no idea, but at least you can now get closer to it by reading the books.

A bit Of A Do Fair Do's



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