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BBC Radio 4 are airing David's radio play,

The Surprising Effect of Miss Scarlett Rosebud

A new comedy from David Nobbs. Two retired women teachers share a house, but little else. Then a former student, now turned rock-star, bursts into their lives and threatens to change everything.

BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama 14:15 Monday 31st Augus.

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David’s 20th novel, ‘The Second Life of Sally Mottram’, was published in paperback by Harper on Wednesday, June 4th 2014 at £8 99.

It is a story set in the imaginary Pennine Town of Potherthwaite  (David loves to create towns!).  The town is suffering, and so is 47 year old Sally Mottram after a huge domestic  trauma.  Both Sally and the town are at their lowest ebb.  They need each other.

This is a rich, moving and optimistic tale of one woman’s courage and determination, and the amazing affect this has on the struggling town, with its silted-up canal and its boarded-up pubs.

As always with David’s books there is plenty of comedy in it, but this is also a book about serious global issues –  climate change, peak oil, obesity – and about local issues – the struggling High Street, the dominant supermarket. 

This is a warm, hopeful book full  of great characters.  Meet Sally’s glamorous friend Marigold Boyce-Willoughby, whose legs swing so temptingly on bar stools, and flood control expert Conrad Eltington, whom they both love.  Meet Ben and Lucy, talented but disturbed schoolchildren, who surely must be made for each other.  Meet  Potherthwaite’s richest son, the reclusive billionaire Sir Norman Oldfield.  And then there are the three obese sisters, Ali, Oli and Ellie, who is said to be the fattest woman in Yorkshire – until Sally gets to work on her, that is.

David comments, ‘I loved writing this.  I really enjoyed being in Potherthwaite and spending time with Sally and the people in her life.  I hope, and believe, that you will enjoy it too.’




Also reissued recently in paperback are ‘A Bit Of A Do’ and ‘Fair Do’s’, the two novels which formed the basis of David’s popular ITV series, ‘A Bit Of A Do’, starring David Jason, Gwen Taylor and Nicola Pagett.

People often ask David why the series has not been repeated for almost thirty years. He has no idea, but at least you can now get closer to it by reading the books.

A bit Of A Do Fair Do's



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